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Capturing all your favorite moments of the amazingly talented Demi Lovato since Aug 10th 2010. If not reblogged, everything here is made by the owners. Do not steal!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m sure people are sick of seeing us answer the same questions over and over again so I’ve decided to do a FAQ page. PLEASE READ IT BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION! If we haven’t answered your questiong within 3 days this means you can find your answer on this page.

What program are you using for making gifs?

Photoshop cs5.

How do you make your gifs?

You can find various tutorials here , here and here. They’re all showing different ways of making gifs. 

Why my gifs won’t play on Tumblr?

That’s because they have to be under 1000kb.

What theme are you using?

You can find our current theme here:

Can you follow me back?

I don’t do follow backs. Sorry!