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Capturing all your favorite moments of the amazingly talented Demi Lovato since Aug 10th 2010. If not reblogged, everything here is made by the owners. Do not steal!

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Anonymous told me: "Where do I submit the video or whatever ?"

You don’t have to submit it, you can also send it in the ask box.

Anonymous told me: "when you said send a video of demi, do you meant like from youtube?"


pluslorena-deactivated20120704 told me: "Hi, what is the photo editor that you use to make gifs? I would like to make some gifs of my friends! Hihi, thank you and kisses!"

Photoshop cs5 :)

vilipendiar-deactivated20121112 told me: "Do you have gifs from mtv's stay strong?"

haven’t posted any yet but i’ll get to making some. :)