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Capturing all your favorite moments of the amazingly talented Demi Lovato since Aug 10th 2010. If not reblogged, everything here is made by the owners. Do not steal!

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For everyone asking: 

here you cand download All Night Long.


I just want to say something. 

Guys,please STOP sending us messages in portuguese. I,for one,don’t understand portuguese at all so…

Anonymous told me: "Can you send me a link that I can use to see Demi's photoshoot for Elle magazine? tanks"

Anonymous told me: "whats unbroken"

That’s the name of her upcoming album.

freethephoenix-deactivated20120 told me: "demi is leaving SWAC but is still going to be signed on to hollywood records
so she's not leaving the disney 'name' because she's still working for them
hope that cleared some things up :)"

Yes,thank you (: 

mister-krabs told me: "the "oprah" gifs are from blue peter. it's a show in the uk. demidemidemidmeimdiemdeimfoieuszac98a7m39c7n947 yeah. <3"

Oh thank you for clearing that out. And here is the video:

lillyjb told me: "Were you found your profile photo??? I love it *----*"

leadingwithcourage told me: "when was demi on oprah?!?"

I don’t think she was on Oprah in those gifs that I’ve reblogged. I know for sure it’s one of the interviews she had in UK last year…I just can’t find the video. :)

Anonymous told me: " link to this performance?"

Anonymous told me: "where I see how many kb are there when i'm saving the gif?"